Yoga Training


The Sacred Fig 200 hour - vinyasa


The Sacred Fig 200 hour - vinyasa (mentor)


The Minded Institute 30 hour Yoga Therapy

and Mindfulness for Addiction Recovery


12 week breath-work and meditation course

with Laurent Roure


Katonah Yoga 90 hours 


Total Yoga Nidra Immersion Experience


Durham University 
1st Class Combined Honours in Arts


The Courtauld Institute 
Masters of Art with Distinction

Rose is a photographer and yoga teacher. She lives in Bath with her partner Abram and their adopted eleven-year-old chocolate Labrador, Truffle. 


She has an MA in History of Art from the Courtauld and has previously worked in contemporary art galleries in the UK and America, including The Photographers’ Gallery in London. 

Rose trained as a vinyasa yoga teacher in 2015 with The Sacred Fig, returning to mentor on the training two years later. Since then she has gone on to train in yoga for addiction recovery and is currently engaged in training in Katonah Yoga, a syncretic Hatha practice. 

In both her yoga and photography practices Rose is drawn to slowness and the exploration of interior space. On the whole her classes are restorative and gently encourage you to engage your imagination and soften into your practice.  

Rose runs workshops and retreats designed to help you unlock your underlying creativity, often in collaboration with other contemporary artists. 

She has a few limited edition fine art prints on sale, and works as a photographer for portrait shoots, retreats and events.

‘We are most of us too busy, too worried, too intent on proving ourselves right, too obsessed with ideas to stand and stare. Very rarely are we able to free our minds of thoughts and emotions and just see for the simple pleasure of seeing. And so long as we fail to do this, the essence of things will be hidden from us.’


 - Bill Brant

About | Rose Innes is a photographer and yoga teacher living and working in Bath, UK. 

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